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Product Information:
Electric bidet - Smart sanitary equipment using electricity - VESKO ICON-3300
  • Smart sanitary equipment with a whole lid, uising electricity.
  • Made in Viet Nam with 100% technology from Korea.
  • Raw materials are imported directly from Korea.
  • Equipment specialized in anal cleaning, women's and children's hygiene, etc.
  • Simple to use, suitable for all consumers.
  • Suitable for most types of toilets available at home (TOTO, INAX, COTTO, Caesar,...)
Product characteristics:
  • The product is designed luxuriously and modernly. Controlled by touch keyboard, body temperature sensor operating structure.
  • The product is made from 100% ABS orginal plastic.
  • Multi-funtion electric device, including: anal cleaning function, feminine hygiene funtion, baby hygiene funtion, drying, seat warmer, gentle water jet massage mode, etc.
  • In addition, auto mode automatically activates skills.
  • Metal nozzle, highly antibacterial removable for cleaning.
  • Automatic cleaning faucet. You can adjust the nozzle position to be as short or long as you like.
  • Water intensity and drying temperature can be adjusted up or down in 5 levels.
  • Water temperature and seat heating can be adjusted up or down in 3 temperature levels.
  • Instantly heats water within 3 seconds, ECO mode saves electricity.
  • The seat is welded with new ultrasonic welding technology.
  • The lid closing mechanism is smooth and does not make noise.
  • Waterproof circuit, IPX5 frequency.
  • Stimulates easy defecation for people with constipation and hemorrhoids. Defecation support for the elderly and children to clean themselves.
  • Electrical safety equipment.
  Made in  Viet Nam (100% Korea Technology)
  Colour  White, Green
  Material  ABS orginal plastic
  Rated Voltage  AC 220V, 50/60 Hz
  Max Consumption Power  1450 W
  Seat Heating Capacity  55 W
  Drying Capacity  250 W
  Adjust Seat Temperature/ Water Temperature  3 levels
  Adjust Water Pressure/ Drying Temperature  5 levels
  Input Water Supply  Direct, Rated water 0.07 ~ 0.74 MPa
  Maximum Water Flow  0.55 (l/ min)
  User Water Temperature  12~34 ºC
  Environment Temperature  3~40 º C
  Size  518*440*155 (D*R*C) (mm)
  Weight  4,5 (kg)


Products include:

- Equipment HB-7023

- T - Valve

- Water hose

- Parts set: Mounting bolt (2pcs), Bolt guide (2pcs), Nut (2pcs), Mounting plate

- Instructions and warranty paper

Warranty Policy:

- 1 year warranty genuine


Installation instructions:



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