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Hyundae Bidet GDB-602

SKU: GDB-600


Product information:

Sanitary ware - Hyundae Bidet GDB-602(2 nozzles) - using cold water system

  • Equipment for specialized posterior cleaning and feminine cleaning
  • Non - electric, safely when used
  • The simple, intelligent design of a rotary button controls 2 nozzles.
  • Simple to use, suitable for all consumers.
  • Can install itself without taking much time
  • Easy cleaning
  • Suitable for most types of toilets available at home (TOTO, INAX, COTTO, Caesar ...)

Product specifications:

Made inViet Nam ( 100% Korea Technology )
MaterialABS orginal plastic
Size46,6x25x20 (cm)
Weight850 (gram)

Product characteristics:

  • Easy installation (You can install it yourself)
  • Special equipment does not use electricity
  • Saving toilet paper
  • Convenient to clean the equipment with water
  • Convenient with automatic nozzle washing mode
  • Skills for women Bidet 2 nozzles
  • Installation to the WC is available
  • Simple when adjusting the water pressure
  • Less damage
  • Bring refreshment after use

Products include:

– Bidet GDB-602 equipment

- T - Adapter

- Water pipe

- Nozzle 

- Instruction and Warranty paper

Installation instructions:

1- Order of assembly.

Remove the cover of the toilet seat separately.Remove the fixed screw of the toilet lid separately.

2- Remove the water link hose available.

  • First turn the water control valve again.
  • Remove large screws shaped 6 corners below the toilet water storage box and small screws shape 6 right corner water adjustment valve of 2 connectors.
  • Eliminate iron water pipes in a way that draws from top to bottom.

3- Removing iron water pipes replace by plastic pipes, T - connecting pipe, high pressure pipes and assembly in order.

4- Put the main device on the tolet and fix it.

5- Using screws to connect the ends of pipes and screws to tighten together.

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