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About Us

Greeting from the Director and introducing the Company

Hyundae Bidet Vietnam Company is an enterprise from Korea, we look forward to bringing the modern bathroom culture to all Vietnamese people - specializing in manufacturing and providing bidet cleaning equipment without electricity.

Bidet sanitary equipment is assembled in Vietnam according to 100% Korean technology standards. We have been constantly improving the design and function of each product line to suit the needs of Vietnamese people regardless of age.

Bidet equipment with modern design, quality is guaranteed with a 18-months warranty period but the price is still consistent with the average income of consumers. We have a range of products that do not use electricity so the safety is high in the low temperature environment in the toilet.

Hyundae Bidet always listen to the needs and opinions of customers to constantly improve the quality of products and support services. With an experienced technical team and enthusiastic customer care department, we are always ready to provide advice and support.