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Cooperation Opportunities

Due to the need to develop and expand the business direction with large-scale products nationwide. HYUNDAE BIDET CO., LTD we need to find cooperation agents to distribute products to consumers across regions across the country. Non - electric bidet equipment is a new and unique product. With a less competitive business environment is a good opportunity for us to cooperate and one thing is for sure that we will give you a good profit on this unique and new product line.

* Support for advertising, product introduction:

* Agents are supported catalogs, flyer ... according to the programs offered by the company in fairs and supermarkets. Invited by the company to participate in a number of events of the company. Being named in the press agency, the company website, the famous media station in VIETNAM.

* Agents are allowed to participate in promotions to promote the company's sales.

* Agents are granted certificates as agents of the company.

* Technical support: The agent is directly supported by the company's business staff, the company customer care department and specially consulted by the Korean CEO.

* Financial support: Agents are entitled to a high discount offered by suppliers. Products with good quality, commitment to 36-month warranty, up to 10 years of use for unused product lines use electricity.

* Items can be exchanged for one month due to manufacturer's fault.