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Warranty Policy

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Warranty Policy
1. Product warranty period:

  • 18 months with non-electrical products.
  • 12 months with imported electronic products.

2. Conditions of warranty:

  • Product is still in warranty period.
  • Technical error by the manufacturer.
  • The warranty card is full of information, the invoice is intact, not torn off or erased.

3. Cases are not warranted:

  • In case customers use well water without going through the filter, leading to choking or spraying water from a weak tap, the company will not be responsible.Personal use, must clean the tap according to the initial instructions when purchasing goods from employees or call the office directly for instructions.
  • Damages caused by improper use or dismantling, repairing or replacing equipment components.
  • Damages caused by rubbing, scratching, stain due to long-term use, due to cleaning or by filling in water and air.
  • Use or allow detergent to contain acid, solutions that corrode to the surface of the product cause peeling and deformation.
  • Damages caused by animals or insects.
  • Force majeure conditions such as natural disasters and fires.
  • Silver coated buttons are discolored after a long time of use.