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Hyundae Bidet IHV-6515

SKU: IHV-6515


Product information:

Smart Electric Sanitary ware - Hyundae Bidet IHV-6515:

  • Fast heat up system: Reduce electricity costs and can use instant hot water without waiting time.
  • Stainless steel nozzle: Water and outside dirt cannot get into the faucet, easy to clean clean and not discolored.
  • Save electricity: When not using the toilet can minimize energy consumption and save electricity.
  • Automatically disconnect power when there is a leak: Protect electricity users in the safest way.
  • Automatic drying function: Helping you get comfortable feeling after cleaning.
  • Wash with air bubbles mode: Can be cleaned as small bubbles with strong pressure on the places to be cleaned.
  • Human sensor: After sitting on the toilet, it has an automatic sensor function to prevent risks and incidents.
  • Automatic function: Just press the button will automatically wash first (after washing) => drying => cleaning. Operate in sequence, and distinguish Male, Female.
  • Use cold water system.
  • Simple to use, suitable for all consumers.
  • Can be installed at home without spending much time.
  • Suitable for most types of toilets available at home (TOTO, INAX, COTTO, Caesar ....).

Product specifications:

Made inXuất xứ : Việt Nam ( Công nghệ 100% Hàn Quốc )
MaterialNhựa ABS nguyên sinh
Size46.6x52x14.3 (cm)

4.6 (kg)

Product characteristics:

  • The device uses custom power for each mode by pressing the electronic button on the floor of the device.
  • Device On / Off Button and light.
  • 2 buttons for anal cleaning, reserved for women with masage mode.
  • 2 buttons to adjust and reduce the water force and 1 button for hot - cold mode.
  • Custom buttons for seat warmth.
  • On / off switch for power saving.
  • Child mode button.
  • Bubble wash button.
  • Wash button after, wash button before, drying button.
  • Automatic button (wash first (wash after) => drying => cleaning).

Products include:

– Bidet IHV - 6515 equipment.

– T - Adapter.

– Water pipe.

– Spare parts kit included.

– Instruction and Warranty paper.

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